What Is ‘Kartanym’?

The name Kartanym (pronounced KAR-TAN-M) actually came from another idea I had many years ago, probably around 2001. I was working on a Role Playing Game of my own, based within a sci-fi universe, trying all these different combinations of names and letters to create worlds, people and places.

At the time I was playing a video game called Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. Though I wasn’t very good at it, the name of the game influenced one of my ideas. Also, and this is kinda obvious, I was a big Mario Kart 64 player back in the day, so that (combined with Arcanum) became ‘Kartanym’.

So it was originally created as a planet name for a sci-fi RPG, but it’s since became the main nickname, of sorts, for almost everything I sign up for. Including, of course, this production company! So there you go, that’s where the name came from.

Also, Kartanym is me. Yeah. Probably should have led with that. Also I’m a writer. Yay!

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