The Arcade Isn’t Dead: Introducing Let’s Play Arcade

Every once in a while, I’ll go visit a Timezone nearby. It’s the closest thing I have to reliving the good old days of playing arcade games until I ran out of coins, though these days they always use those reloadable card things instead. Just not the same.

What IS the same is the fun that can be had with a quick few minutes of your time, which is what arcade gameplay is all about. It doesn’t overstay its welcome and it leaves you with a smile on your face. So with that in mind, I’ll be uploading a video or two every once in a while detailing my arcade exploits, starting with the most recent spin-off from the successful Plants vs Zombies franchise.

Now I realise this isn’t top notch, high quality entertainment. If anything this is just me making a fool out of myself, so go have fun with that and see what you think.

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