I Said Hello, you fool….

I love you!

Happy Belated Valentines Day guys! (alternatively: Majora’s Mask Day)

Whatever you did on the day doesn’t really matter, but it seemed like the kind of thing to open with (Plus Roxette are in Perth at the moment, so double points for being on topic).

Seriously, I think the concept of pinning all your romantic hopes on one scheduled day of the year is ridiculous, you should show your love all year round and make romantic gestures that are appropriate for you and your partner, not just the tried and tested chocolates and flowers.

Show love when you feel it, not when you are obligated by social contract.

For me personally, Valentines Day is just another day and I would, quite frankly, be happier chilling on the couch with my partner watching some TV or having a floor-nic (its a picnic, but on the floor!) than going to some restaurant with mood lighting or a hotel room. (Though I am never one to say no to chocolates!)

I prefer to show my love everyday of the year to the extent that I feel it. I am known for telling my very close friends and family on random occasions that I love them, just because that is what I’m feeling in my heart. Social contracts be damned, life’s to short to not let those around you know how much you treasure them.

Spend the day how you wish, if that may be renting a hotel for a night of mischief (wink), or going to a swanky restaurant, or going all out and buying Majora’s Mask,or buying that someone you love a gigantic bouquet of roses, or that grand sweeping gesture of a wedding proposal while jumping out of a plane, more power to you.

But remember one thing above all else. Be Genuine.

Speaking of love, if you haven’t already, you should check out our webseries Mars by clicking here.

Things are rolling along and soon and we’ll be seeing what’s being happening with our two intrepid protagonists, Jake and Alana, so you might as well see where we left off šŸ™‚

Shameless self promotion! (it’s all about the love today, even love of your own work)

Hope that whatever you did on the weekend it was awesome.

This is Mel, I have done words, goodnight!

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