In Conversation #2: Thank You Leonard

A few days ago we uploaded our second In Conversation, which you can check out below. We recorded it just a few hours after the news broke of Leonard Nimoy’s passing, which changed my plans for the day entirely.


I decided to at least try and have some kind of tribute to the man and his work, and since I don’t recall his voice ever appearing in a Star Trek video game (or at least, a Star Trek game I own), I decided to play the next best thing.

So here’s Civilization IV, my favourite game in the series that features Leonard’s amazing voice as a narrator (of sorts). The problem is, these games take a long time to record, so we’ve split it up into multiple episodes. But because every In Conversation is recorded on a weekend and attempts to include the big topics of the week (attempts, let me make that clear), the next episode of this Civ playthrough will probably appear as a Let’s Play all on its own.

Also something you might pick up on, Adele’s footage didn’t come through. It seems whenever we try to use another computer along with my own, they don’t work the same way as mine does. Bugger. So you’ll hear what she’s up to but won’t ‘actually’ see it. Anyway, we’ll be recording more of this one at a later date, so if for some strange reason you enjoy watching this, be on the lookout for more soon.

As for In Conversation, hopefully Melody will join us again for the next ep. If you have a suggestion for a game we should play or a topic we should talk about, let us know!

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