Mel Does Words: Corporations Don’t Give a Shit About You

Hello Internet,

So in recent news, I lost my job the other day. No hard feelings towards the workplace, I knew it was coming. Still doesn’t make it any easier to get over the rejection.

Most likely this will be a beneficial thing for me over time. I won’t be slaving away at a job, that whilst the people, the workplace culture and the lofty goals of the business were pretty good, it still didn’t change the fact that I was working in collections and have depression.

With most jobs I have undertaken it has been pretty easy for me to learn the new skill set and then apply it with a reasonable amount of success. I have found a job that I am not good at, debt collecting. I don’t like asking people for money, I especially don’t like dealing with people who think they can get away with borrowing $50K and sending it overseas without ever paying that money back.

I wrote a while ago about how well I thought I was doing in managing my mental health and working full time. Yeah, looking back on that is bitter sweet. The truth of the matter is that the people around me were supportive and understanding and that helped, but when it came down to it, all that mattered was the black and white letter of the company code. Companies don’t give a shit about you. What companies want, more than anything else, is to make a profit and whilst you are helping them reach that profit, they will be accommodating. The moment you falter or are not quite reaching your target, they’re there telling you to lift your game or get out.

Fucking sucks.

It’s just a reflection of how much our society is built around capitalism. “Let’s not care about the people here and now, but instead focus on a created concept and worship that to the exclusion of all else.”

Today, it feels as though people are treated as a means to an end.

I think we need to realise that people are a part of what makes life real. Let’s look after each other and truly embrace what is important, our relationships with the world and people around us.

Yes, the bottom line is important, but that’s because¬†we made it that way. So by all means, keep working towards your goal, but don’t forget the people that make up your business, your community, your family. Money doesn’t count when you’re dead, but your experiences of living and effecting other people’s lives will last beyond.

I am Mel, I have done ranty words.

1 Comment on Mel Does Words: Corporations Don’t Give a Shit About You

  1. Awesome ranty words are awesome. I am sorry this happened, I hope it really does work out to be the best thing later, but that doesn’t change that it feels awful and sucks badly right now :c *hugs*


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