Let’s Play: Battlefield Hardline ‘Hotwire’

I’m the first to admit that as much as I like first person shooters, I’m not all that good at them. Way back when I was a decent Quake 3 player and I’ve dabbled in Halo and Call of Duty here and there, but shooters in general have changed a lot over the years. It’s less about skill and more about being at the right place at the right time, especially since many shooters have so many players and so many ways to move on into the afterlife.

Battlefield, on the other hand, always caught my interest because of its game modes, many of which have been aped by other games since but very few have the same epic feel to them. Having said all that, the genre has been fairly stale of late thanks to a lake of ingenuity and a same same feel to the war time aesthetic. Which made the announcement of Hardline even more exciting.

For one, it’s not a war shooter. It feels like one, what with all the weapons and vehicles strewn about the place, but the cops vs robbers setting is certainly a welcome change from the norm.

I’m still not all that good at it, but the Heist and Hotwire modes are a lot of fun. In fact, I’d say Hotwire is the best game type I’ve played in an FPS for some time. It’s action packed, capture points are constantly moving so you can’t camp and I’m actually competitive in it. Though I stress, this early video isn’t my best work since I haven’t unlocked everything I need yet in order to improve.

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