Let’s Play Nostalgia: Star Wars Battlefront II

You could call it perfect timing, but I like to think Star Wars day waited for us. Welcome to Let’s Play Nostalgia, where Adele and Mark will be regularly bringing back the classic PC, console and mobile titles of the past for a bit of blocky, retro fun. What better place to start than with a fan favourite franchise that’s making a come back later this year.

Dice are officially handling the return of Star Wars: Battlefront, a series many remember as the most enjoyable way to express your love of Star Wars by playing as Rebel or Imperial soldiers and shooting things … because who doesn’t want to be in full Imperial grab and proving that they can shoot just as accurately as anyone else. Having said that, this Let’s Play Nostalgia proves that my accuracy isn’t anywhere near as good as swinging a perfectly balanced lightsaber.

Of course, it’s also Star Wars day today, which takes even greater precedence this year as J. J. Abrams works away on the revival of the movie franchise. As a fan, it’s definitely an exciting time … who am I kidding, it’s going to be f****** awesome!!!!! Between The Force Awakens, Battlefront AND the improving Star Wars: Rebels series, there’s a ton to be happy about right now, with even more to come down the line.

Anyway, Let’s Play Nostalgia will be around every once in a while so be on the lookout for that. And May the 4th be with you!

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