Ever get that feeling that despite everything that’s happened to you, things are starting to take a positive turn? You feel that aura around you lifting you just that little be higher off the ground. That’s how I feel right now.

Truth be told, this year has already had some very positive events in my life, making me feel like my career choices are finally paying off.

But I’ve always said these days are slow and steady, that the things needed in life won’t just magically appear all at the same time whenever you really need them. That’s now how life works, sadly … though one day my magical teleporting phone booth project will come to fruition, I swear it!

No, this world is harsh and unforgiving at the best of times, just look at the newspapers to see how cruel, stupid and intoxicating our world is. So when things starting going better than expected, step by step, it makes such a huge difference. As the title says, I do feel lucky right now.

Already this year I’ve held a booth at Oz Comic Con’s Artist Alley, I’ve held a successful charity drive at said event, I’ve made new friends in the industry, built up my website into something semi-professional, printed my own business cards and submitted more youtube videos than I ever thought I would. It’s a solid start, for sure.

I’ve got so much left to do, so much to strive for, but at least right at this very moment it feels like path beneath my feet has changed from harsh cobblestone to smooth brick. The next stage, carpet. If I can reach that, then I’ll feel as if it’s been worth that hardship. For now, I know I’m continuing along the right direction and making the correct choices, some harder than others but still very much worth it.

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