Season 1


The first ‘season’ of Mars, if nothing else, was an important testing ground. For all involved, it was the first time we’d ever created anything of the sort. We had no real experience in film making, as much as I have a little experience behind the camera, so for a lot of the early episodes we were working with what we thought we knew.

As we went on, we became more elaborate with what we were shooting. Early episodes were shot using a webcam, as we didn’t have a camera on us (though the original concept was to have the two conversing entirely on Skype).

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to all the things we wanted to film, but that’s sometimes the way it goes. These episodes exist as a reminder of what we started with, where we came from, and where we will go next having experienced the joy of creative birth … so to speak.

Check out each episode as they were, and be on the lookout for the ‘Mars Redux’ episode to get a glimpse of what we want to do moving forward.

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