The Nervous Wait

It’s about three weeks until Oz Comic Con, and the countdown as officially begun to some pretty awesome yet nerve wracking events.

Kartanym Productions and PN2 will be making an appearance at the con, barring any unforeseen setbacks. This means preparing a whole bunch of content, online and physical, to have on show between now and then.

Right now we’re knee deep in a bunch of projects that we’re aiming to have ready in time for the con, including something special for Mars fans (at least, I sure hope there are Mars fans).

I’ve always said that the first ‘season’ of Mars was a testing ground, a chance to get our characters out there and see what we could do with them. Now that we know, and we’ve had the time to let it settle and bubble a little in our collective brains, the time is about right to carry on and build on what we’ve learnt.

So when we do announce our plans for Mars, we’ll have more concrete details on what they will entail next month, so please stay tuned for that. Trust me when I say, it will be worth the wait.

We also have other projects we will hopefully announce some time in the not too distant future, some of which I’ve personally been thinking about for quite some time.

As for PN2, you can expect some pretty cool stuff come the con, including a very special charity event which we have been planning for a little while now. Again, more on that once everything is finalised, but I’m rather excited by it.

Between now and these announcements you’ll see a few changes both here on our website and on our YouTube channels, you’ll know them when you see them. This is in part to make sure that everything conforms with each other, that it all feels part of one bigger family of ‘products’. This includes new productions trailers with our amazing company logo and bylines, which I’m immensely proud of.

That’s all for now. As the title to this article suggests, there’s a little bit of nervous tension as we gear up for Oz Comic Con here in Perth, which will hopefully set us up for future cons and (fingers crossed) more interested viewers. It’s all part of the greater good … the greater good!

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