Thank You Oz Comic Con!

Just wanted to post a quick thank you and summary of our time at Oz Comic Con Perth this past weekend. We’re all exhausted from the event but safe to say it was an amazing experience that we hope to do again very soon.

Between hosting our Time Trial event for Game 4 Life, selling Anei’s Jewellery, Mels Knits & Marian’s Artwork, plus having our videos on show, it was a jam packed booth. But what made it special were all of you, the amazing people we met and shared stories with across the two days of Oz Com. You’re the reason we want to be a part of this amazing community we have here in Perth, so thank you so much for making it so memorable.

But where to from here? Well to start, Mark will be continuing to create new content in his Let’s Play series PN2, Adele has a new found confidence and will be creating some amazing new pieces in her Anei’s Jewellery line (of which you will see a new section of the website right here in the next few days), we’ll have further news on our Mars web series shortly plus we hope to have some of Marian’s artwork on sale here as well very soon.

On top of all that, we’ve got some big plans in the works with our good friends at Game 4 Life, plus we will soon be working on one of our many new projects:

Currently entitled ‘PERTH’ITES’, it’s a series that will be exploring some of the many amazing communities, clubs, social groups, fundraisers and pop culture enthusiasts across our amazing state. It’s in the early stages of development but if you’re one of those, be on the lookout for us!

So stay tuned for more on all of that right here at Kartanym Productions for all that and much more. 2015 is the year we break out and become what we’ve always wanted to be, so I hope you stick around for the ride.

A big thank you to everyone at Oz Comic Con and Reed Pop for their support and helping us organise our very first con booth, to our friends at Electronic Arts for donating awesome prizes for our competitions, and to the amazing Game 4 Life crew for allowing us the chance to help raise much needed funds for Princess Margaret Hospital. It was an honour and a privilege.

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