The PN2/Game 4 Life Time Trial Competition Winners

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who took part in our Charity Time Trial event at Oz Comic Con Perth for Game 4 Life and PMH! It was an amazing weekend full of fun people, awesome costumes and incredibly tense action.

Thanks to you all, we’ve estimated over $200 has been raised across the weekend’s play for Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, a fantastic result that we’re really proud of! We will have an update on that result as soon as our good friends at Game 4 Life and PMH count up all those coins and notes (plus adding on donations directly to their website)! Trust me, they were very heavy by the end of the day.

Many of you tried multiple times and kept coming back to beat that best time, but there can be only two ultimate winners of our grand prizes. So without further ado, here are our winners:


Our grand prize winner, with a time of 39.66, was Daniel Italiano. Daniel put in an amazing effort and improved on his time twice over to record the only entry under 40 seconds! Congratulations Daniel, who wins a special EA Games prize pack including copies of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield: Hardline, NBA Live 2015 and The Sims 4: Premium Edition, plus and an autographed Dragon Age poster signed signed by Mike Laidlaw[Creative Director], Aidan Scanlan[Director of Design], Mark Wilson[Technical Designer] and Devon Gardner[Systems Engineer]

Coming in a very close second was James Skewes with a time of 40.25. James takes home a Sims 4 mouse plus a signed Dragon Age poster.

Third place was Cameron Johnston, who scored a time of 42 seconds flat. Cameron wins a Titanfall t-shirt and a Battlefield Hardline poster.


The Mario Kart competition was extremely close. In fact a number of you put in some remarkable times, but ultimately it was our top place getter in Connor Bryant who edged everyone with an amazing lap time of 40.552 seconds. Congratulations Connor, who takes home our major prize of a limited edition Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DSXL console!

Not to be outdone, Brendan came in a close 2nd with a time of 40.7, the only other competitor to make it under the 41 second mark (and also set the track record along the way). Brendan takes home a Dragon Age signed poster and an EA Games controller for Xbox 360.

Our third place getter with a time of 42.195 was Jeff, who wins a Battlefield Hardline poster and a Sims 4 mouse pad.

We also have a special award for Micayla, who we decided was our best dressed contestant! Micayla will receive a personally designed piece of jewellery from Anei’s Jewellery.

Congratulations to everyone who took part (we will be in touch with you all shortly). We wish we had prizes for all of you but your donations to Game 4 Life and PMH, your amazing smiles and kind gestures all made our weekend. Stick around with Kartanym Productions and PN2 to see if our own Let’s Player Mark can beat your record times in Portal 2 and Mario Kart, plus a special Oz Comic Con rap video with some of the best highlights from the weekend’s competition.

And continue to stay in touch folks, we love you all!

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