So Where Have We Been?

It’s been a while since I last posted on here, and there’s a few reason why that I’ll briefly get into here. Don’t worry though, we’re perfectly fine and nothing bad happened.

Between May and early June, Adele and I were housesitting up in the hills here in Perth for Adele’s awesome parents. It’s a nice house, and despite my best intentions to continue creating new content, it kinda never happened. Maybe it was due to how quiet and comfortable we were at the time, or maybe I’d burnt myself out a little. Hard to say, really.

Since then I’ve switched jobs into a new role at work. I’m now the Games Co-Ordinator, which essentially means I’m looking after the gaming department. It’s definitely refreshing, plus it’s using all my gaming knowledge to something other than recording youtube videos. Nothing better than helping customers out with those difficult skylanders questions.

Adele and Melody all have new jobs too! It’s exciting times for everyone involved with Kartanym, and that can only lead to awesome things.

Meanwhile, Adele and I have visited Sydney and already planned our next visit (in time for RTX Australia. Shout out to anyone who knows what that is), Melody and Mike have also visited Sydney, I have a trip to Melbourne set for our work gaming conference (more on that later) … far more travelling than last year!

As for our production front, I’m back at work making Let’s Play vids and planning new and awesome things for the years ahead. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to say more on those sooner rather than later, but keep an eye out here for more.

Mars is also in production for season 2. We have a lot planned for the show going forward, improving our audio/visual quality and bringing in pros to help us out. Again, we’ll have more news on that soon.

Truth is, we’re taking a slow and steady approach to our work from here on out. Mars felt a little rushed once we initially filmed the first few episodes, but we’ve learnt a lot from that experience and it’s only going to get better from here! We’ll release videos when they’re ready, but we’ll be sure to say ahead of time when they’ll made available.

That’s all for now, just wanted to fill you all in and let you know we’re still alive and going strong!

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