PN2 Recruitment Drive

PN2 is on the lookout for some tech savvy YouTubers for the next phase of our taking over the world plan … I mean *ahem* expanding our YouTube channel. Yeah … that.

Here’s what we’re looking for. PN2’s focus is on independent Australian and New Zealand video games, creating enjoyable and educational content on every aspect of the local video games industry. This means games, hardware and software, events and more. But right now, we can’t do it alone. We need likeminded gamers to help contribute and grow on our established formula.

What we need are either experienced or capable YouTubers who are willing to create one (or more) video(s) per week, on a video game, topic or event based in Australia and/or New Zealand. You’ll need the following to do so:

  • The ability to use recording and editing hardware/software that’s suitable for the job of capturing PC, Console or Mobile games. Software such as Open Broadcaster come highly recommended.
  • A clear and concise voice for our audience. Plus, a little humour goes a long way!
  • A twitter account is highly important, to be able to share your story and communicate with fans, the industry and those interested in what we do.

To begin with, this is a Freelance/unpaid position, but as with everything of this ilk there’s always the possibility of paid work down the line. In the meantime you’ll be provided with Aussie/NZ indie games to play, record and/or review depending on what’s available or provided to PN2 at the time, and the chance to be a part of some cool events later on down the track. Oz Comic Con, anyone?

Sound good? Alright, then all you have to do now is provide a little video of your abilities. Send us a link of a video of you playing either your favourite game or a newly released title (bonus points if it’s an Aussie/NZ indie game) and do your best to impress us. Email it directly to us via OR shout out to us on Twitter @PlayNicePlayNow

Entries close November 30th, 2015. We will then collate, watch and devour all of your entries and decide who we think is the one we want to be a part of our little journey.

Good luck! 🙂

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