Episode 1


When Melody and I started, the idea was fairly simple; a conversation between two people who knew who they were, through a web forum, but had never spoken to each other ‘in person’. The opening few shots were put together randomly on the fly … and yes, I did eat a hot pocket and it was delicious … which was the first sign that the concept could be a lot bigger than we originally intended.

These early shots are rather rough around the edges, largely because of our inexperience and the equipment we were using at the time. Having said that, I wanted to see what could be done with what we had, a ‘work on a zero budget’ concept. The results are two characters that will grow into something far beyond these initial episodes both in visual scope and story scale.

– Mark


* The games Mark played in the opening shots included Diablo III and New Super Mario Bros. 2

* The entire episode (along with Episode 2) was shot in the same house, using two different rooms.

* Skype was used in the making of this particular video, along with Google Chat for the original shots of the text conversation

* The two toys and the ‘bread makes you fat’ quote is a direct reference to Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

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