Episode 2


We shot episode 2 the same day as episode 1. The thing most people may not pick up on is the fact that, for the most part, this was entirely unscripted. In fact most of these early episodes had no script at all, though we had ‘hit points’ or moments we knew we had to do with each scene we shot.

The reason why both seem a little shy and uncertain is the fact that this is the first time they see each other ‘in person’ or on Skype. I originally had the idea of having both characters converse over a web chat or forum, but figured jumping into the Skype conversation would make more sense for the audience.

– Mark


* There were only two takes of this sequence, and only the second one was used. The first take was drowned out by the family dog who constantly barked (though both actors attempted to work it into the scene).

*  Alana is a graphic designer, her job consisting of numerous clients all looking for high quality logos and artwork. Jake, meanwhile, is a budding novelist trying to get his big break.

* Sleepless in Seattle wasn’t our first choice of movie for Jake to see, but it stuck.

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