Episode 4


I wanted an all Alana episode to show the stark difference between her busy lifestyle and Jake’s more laid back approach. The original idea was to have her ‘day off’ interrupted by various things, including having to go to work. By the end of the day she would be exhausted, only to have an invitation to chat from Jake improving her mood considerably. We also wanted to hint on the fact that Alana didn’t see Jake as anything more than a friend, but still have her ponder beyond that.

– Mark


* The scene in the car was shot in the driveway of the same house most of the early scenes were filmed within. To say it was a hot day would be an understatement.

* Melody ad-libbed the names of possible future characters, including her sister, who may or may not appear at a later date.

* That was Melody’s actual ringtone, since Mark called the phone to start the scene.

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