Episode 6


Episode 6 marked the first time we shot at a completely different location, the home of Rebel Empire Workshops. Though filmed first, we decided to leave this episode until after Episode 5 given the need to break up two Alana specific episodes. We are introduced to another supporting character here in Jen, played by Megan Sutton, along with a surprise voice over in ‘Adam’ that would become a bit of an insiders joke … though who knows, it might lead to something else.

I really wanted to hit home the kind of stressful life that Alana lived. I felt the earlier episode didn’t really do it justice, so filming in an office environment made more sense.

– Mark


* There was never anyone on the other side of the phone line, Melody made it up on the spot.

* The music used was an original composition by Melody, though it wasn’t made with these scenes in mind at first.

* The episode was filmed at Rebel Empire Workshops, whom Jake has worn a shirt of in Episode 3.


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