Episode 7


Unlike every other episode before it, Episode 7 marked the first time we shot at two different locations for one scene. We didn’t use Skype, so the reaction shots of Jake to Alana were done with only the previously recorded footage on show as a reference.

Jake’s story was also partially written. I had a word document open on the same screen with certain dot points reminding me of what to talk about, though the rest was entirely off the top of my head. It took a few takes to get it right, but the final take nailed it. The goal was to show Jake’s sudden realisation that Alana was far more than just a friend, though by the end he thinks it a little silly and perhaps even a little relieved that Alana didn’t hear the remainder of the story.

There’s a missing episode between this and Episode 8 that was to have Alana apologise for falling asleep before asking Jake about the story and its ending. Jake would shy away and pretend it was nothing, coming up with a silly alternate ending to it instead. Unfortunately the scene was never shot, though future episodes will hint upon this moment.


* Despite being a dark room, it wasn’t night time when the Alana sequence was shot. In fact, it was midday.

* The names Jake uses for each city weren’t written on the piece of paper and were improvised. In fact, if you watch, you can see Mark’s mind clicking over as the names came to him.

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