Episode 8


This one is a little strange. There had been a fairly decent gap between episode filming and the idea of Jake having a conversation with his agent had been in my head for a while. So I attempted to do it myself, using a proper camera for once and going off script as usual. However, I decided to recruit someone very special for a voice over cameo at the last second to rather amusing results.

By the time this episode came out, I’d already decided that the direction the show was going wasn’t the right one. It needed a fresh perspective and a more grounded direction. I’m hopeful that by releasing Mars Redux, some of that will be obvious to those who have watched the original episodes and that updated edit. Going forward, we will be running episodes similar to Mars Redux.


* Mark’s mother, Linda Isaacson, is the voice you hear as Jake’s agent.

* This is the first episode released where a proper SLR camera was used for filming (though not the first official time it was used). Can you tell Mark has no idea how to use one? Yup, but it’s all part of the learning curve.

* Mark actually typed many of the things he says in this episode, though he didn’t save the word file at the end.

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